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Shannon Riddle

Digital & Social Media Producer

Published On: May 30 2014 07:22:46 PM AKDT

Shannon Riddle joins the KTUU family after her service at another local TV station. Her experience there in production and web management has grown as she continues to work to bring Alaska the latest in news and local events. 

Shannon was originally born in Alaska, but as a military dependent traveled much of the Lower 48 with her family, exploring every corner of the U.S. and meeting some interesting characters along the way. Most of her college years were spent in hot and dusty Texas, surrounded by cows, until she left that tiny town for the big city of Los Angeles. The beauty and majesty of Alaska, as well as the strong-spirited locals, brought her back to live and work, and eventually marry the love of her life. 

Her passions lie in story-telling and film-making, and she hopes to one day actually finish writing her first novel.