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Mother, Former Boyfriend Charged in 2 Daughters' Sexual Abuse

Published On: Jul 11 2013 06:33:21 PM AKDT   Updated On: Jul 12 2013 02:14:56 PM AKDT
Mother, Former Boyfriend Charged in 2 Daughters' Sexual Abuse

Editor's note: Information that would identify the victims, including the suspects' names, has been omitted from this story.

Anchorage police say the mother of two girls, ages 1 and 6, and her former boyfriend are charged with sexually abusing the children in a case that came to light this week.

According to court officials at their arraignments Thursday, the mother faces eight first-degree counts of sexual abuse of a minor, while the boyfriend faces seven first-degree and three second-degree counts of the same offense. Each have also been charged with one count of exploitation of a minor.

In a state District Court criminal complaint against the boyfriend, APD detective Leonard Torres says he was informed of the case Tuesday, when the older of the two victims was brought to the AK CARES child advocacy center by her grandparents and the mother for a forensic interview with Alfred Birtz, an investigator with the state Office of Children's Services.

In court documents, the children's grandparents said the 6-year-old was "terrified of (someone) walking in on her when she was changing or in the shower," APD Detective Torres wrote. When questioned, the 6-year-old disclosed that the boyfriend "had also touched her sexually." The child also stated that she had observed her mother's boyfriend "doing the same to (the younger girl)."

The 6-year-old went on to describe several sex acts allegedly conducted by the boyfriend with both her and the 1-year-old, as well as incidents in which he had shown her pornography involving both children and adults.

"I noted that (the 6-year-old) appeared to be both credible and articulate, despite her young age," Torres wrote. "Her disclosures were spontaneous and she did not deviate or recant any of the details she provided."

According to Torres, the mother -- who previously had a relationship with the boyfriend, before they separated -- initially denied having any role in the alleged assaults on her children. Later, however, she told investigators she had heard the boyfriend assaulting the 6-year-old on a cellphone video while they were all living together, and that the 6-year-old had informed her mother about one of the assaults.

"(The mother) said that she didn't involve the police because she loved (the boyfriend)," Torres wrote.

When the mother was questioned by Birtz and Torres following their interview with the older girl, she admitted to taking a personal role in some of the incidents.

"She eventually confessed that since (the 6-year-old) turned 4, she and (the boyfriend) had been sexually abusing her," Torres wrote.

The mother told Torres the boyfriend was now living with another woman who had children, ages 6 and 10. That information was corroborated by OCS and the boyfriend's federal probation officer, who said that he had left probation in June.

After the mother left Alaska CARES, her two girls were placed in OCS custody.

Both the mother and the boyfriend charged in the case were arraigned at the Anchorage Jail Thursday afternoon.

Channel 2’s Dan Carpenter contributed information to this story.

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