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Lafewt Knox - Anchorage

Published On: Dec 24 2013 09:10:38 AM AKST   Updated On: Oct 28 2013 04:17:22 PM AKDT

One of our participants says Anchorage is like the state's New York City: it's the business, transportation and media center of Alaska. Others complain that the big city gets too much attention, leaving other towns with fewer resources. Let's hear what Lafewt Knox has to say about his home of Anchorage.

Lafewt Knox moved to Alaska from Chicago as a young child. Like most people who are not from the state he was given some misinformation.

“My cousins told me that I would be living in an igloo and I was completely surprised when I moved up to Fairbanks and it was 95 degrees in the summer time that winter was also 50 below zero,” Knox said.

The family eventually moved to Eagle River where he has lived ever since. He says the weather does have an impact though, after a brutally cold and long winter last year, he considered moving. But then he experienced one of the best summers ever. He is an avid hiker with his wife and three girls.

“It truly feels like one of the best places to get your overall experience your nature experience and your big city as big of a city as Anchorage can be considered,” he said.
He says there are some challenges to living in Anchorage, though.

“We are cut off to a certain extent to some of the other opportunities that places in the states might have like entertainment that one that comes to mind, but that's changed a great deal since I moved here,” he said.

He also worries about education for his young children. “All the community activities those influence you and your family and your children,” he said. “So at this stage in my life I feel far more invested in Alaska, the Alaskan experience and the economy than I ever have before.”