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911 Dispatcher Helps Couple Deliver Baby At Home

Published On: Jan 16 2014 07:50:41 PM AKST

By Reporter Abby Hancock.  (KTUU-TV)

WASILLA, Alaska -

A Wasilla couple is thanking a Palmer 911 dispatcher for talking them through the successful home delivery of their baby boy.

At about 4 a.m. Sunday, Jole Holt went into labor. Her baby was right on schedule: the due date was January 12.

"My mind automatically was like, 'okay start packing a bag and it's time to go to the hospital' and she was like, 'no he's coming now,’ … and I just kind of froze," said Jole's husband, Anthony Holt.

He called 911 and reached dispatcher Amber Church on the other line. The call came in at 4:06 a.m. By 4:08, little Lawrence Donnovan was born.

"It was just going way too fast. I looked over there and his head was crowning and I was like, 'Oh no, oh no,'" said Anthony Holt.

The baby was not breathing at first, said Church.

"As soon as you hear that your heart just kind of drops," she said.

Anthony told his wife to give the baby a pat on the bottom. It worked, and their son immediately started crying.

"He was an amazing caller, he was really cooperative and he was doing exactly what I said," Church said.

The dispatcher gave the couple instructions on what to do after their son's birth. Paramedics arrived at their home minutes later.

"I was wanting to get to the hospital because I was nervous," said Jole Holt. "I wanted to make sure that everything with him was okay and healthy and he was."

Church says she followed the detailed instructions that are on informational cards dispatchers have at each station. Calls like that are rare, she said.

"You could hear the pride in his voice. He was very excited. It was really endearing."