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Alaskan Campaigns Take an Old-School Approach to Generate Support for Upcoming Elections

Published On: Aug 03 2014 11:40:28 AM AKDT

KTUU-TV Channel 2 News


As the battle for Alaska's U.S. Senate seat heats up, both the republican and democratic parties are taking a grassroots approach to generating support.

Early Saturday morning, about a dozen volunteers and politicians representing the Republican National Committee hit the streets of West Anchorage.

"Alaska is at the forefront of this years senate mid-term elections," said Kyle Kohli, Alaska Republican National Committee. "The decisions folks make here is going to have an impact across the United States."

While some stayed back to make phone calls, others went door-to-door with the hopes of identifying and turning out the republican vote for their candidates this November.

"Now is the time to assemble to get folks together if we want to beat the democrats in November we have a competitive primary going on," Kohli said. "But this is a great opportunity for republicans supporting all different candidates to come together and work towards our common interests come this fall."

Republicans aren't the only ones going old school: Zack Fields with the Alaska Democratic Party says his team is also busy phone banking, knocking on doors and even writing letters to neighbors focusing on re-electing Sen. Mark Begich during the upcoming mid-term election.

"One of the great things about Alaska is we're a really independent moderate state and when the folks who ware knocking on doors find there's a lot of support for Mark Begich and his work with the Alaska delegation and that's bi-partisan work that's what it takes to get things done," Fields said.

The primary election is scheduled for August 19th, while the general election will be held November 4th.