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Alleged Rape Victims Describes Attack by Former City Safety Volunteer

Published On: Feb 10 2014 05:59:00 PM AKST

Alleged Rape Victims Describes Attack by Former City Safety Volunteer


It's been nearly three years since Dwight O'Connor picked up a hitchhiking woman who has accused him of rape.

On Monday, the victim was cross examined by the defense, who put into question her memory of the night of the alleged attack.

The victim says she just wanted a ride to a friend’s house that night, where she planned on staying because she was homeless.

Instead, she said O'Connor took her to his workplace and raped her on July 21, 2011.

O'Connor had served on the Anchorage Public Safety Advisory Commission for years, and was a member of the Westside Community Patrol.

The woman admits to have been drinking that night. When asked to define how drunk she was on a scale from one to ten, with ten being “passed out drunk,” she said she was a seven.

She says she doesn't remember the beginning of the sexual encounter with O'Connor because she was blacked out. She says her memories start after the sexual contact had started and she said no.

O'Connor says the sex, or attempted sex, was consensual, but he was having difficulty performing and ended it. 

Both O'Connor and the woman agree that after the sexual encounter he drove her to her friend’s house. 

The woman says that's when she called Standing Together Against Rape to report the crime. She says when she couldn't get through, she called police.