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Amid Tragedy, Family Honors Their Boy's Final Wish

Published On: Feb 11 2014 09:49:00 PM AKST

6-year-old Floyd Murphy drowned in a hotel swimming pool while on a trip with family friends. A few months before, Floyd told his family he wanted to be an organ donor. 


Trustworthy, kind, and on his way to being a peace maker. That’s how Floyd Murphy’s parents describe their 6-year-old son.

“He was fun. He liked to cuddle. Floyd was important to a lot more people than we realized,” said Raelynn Murphy, Floyd’s mother.

It’s one of the hardest decisions any parent could make. But for Raelynne and Timothy Murphy, it was a decision that was already made.

At the dinner table a few months ago at the Murphy household in Kenai, a conversation turned into a family decision that they would all become organ donors.

“We have decided to donate his organs, per his wishes,” said Raelynne. “He definitely expressed his wishes that he would be an organ donor. We just didn’t think it would happen anytime soon.”

On Friday, Floyd was visiting Anchorage with a church group. What was supposed to be a fun day ended in panic when the 6-year-old boy was found at the bottom of a hotel pool.

“One of our friends that was on the trip administered CPR until the paramedics arrived,” said Raelynne.

How it happened remains unclear, but medical officials said Floyd was without oxygen for 20 minutes.

After a few encouraging days over the weekend, on Tuesday the family was told there was no hope that Floyd would recover.

Now the Murphy’s are turning to friends, family and prayer.

“We know we could not do this without the power of prayer,” expressed Raelynne.

On Tuesday the Facebook page “Pray for Floyd Murphy” had more than 1,700 followers. Raelynne said through the page, support and prayers are coming to them from 29 states and 16 countries. Through that world-wide support network, she’s asking for prayers on how to make it through the days and years ahead.

“Pray for peace, comfort, and the wisdom and strength to know what to do next,” said Raelynne.

Floyd’s parents say doctors have already found a preliminary match for his heart. A heart that at the age of six, he knew how important it would be to give to those in need.