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APD Investigating Armed Robbery at South Anchorage Home

Published On: Mar 17 2014 05:18:00 AM AKDT   Updated On: Mar 17 2014 09:30:00 AM AKDT

South Anchorage Armed Robbery


Anchorage police are investigating a reported armed robbery by a group of suspects early Monday morning.

According to information provided by APD spokesperson Jennifer Castro, the robbery took place at a South Anchorage home on the 12000 block of Brandon Street, slightly south of Huffman Road near its intersections with the Old and New Seward highways.

Police dispatchers say the call came just after midnight Monday. Six armed men wearing masks and gloves reportedly broke into the house and left a vehicle parked on the side of the street.

Channel 2 spoke with some victims of the crime Monday.

Just before midnight, after a fast-food run, Ben and a female friend arrived home. After turning off the ignition, they both heard a strange noise coming from inside the house. They soon found six unwelcome guests at their house with guns.

"Two men both armed with pistols came out around the side of the house and they dragged her inside," said Ben, who asked Channel 2 not to publish his last name. "They said they would shoot us if we caused any problems, so we just laid there and I didn't do anything."

Monday morning was a dark time for Ben and the family he lives with. He says one of his friends was groped by the suspects, which APD is considering a sexual assault, while another was choked unconscious. All Ben could do was lay on the floor helplessly with a gun barrel in his back.

"I hope someone catches them," Ben said. "I'm actually late for work. My boss is upset because I'm late because of these guys. They stole everything I have."

The investigation is still ongoing. APD says this seems like a targeted theft, not a random holdup.

"They sound to be all male and they all had their face covered in one way or the other, and were all wearing gloves and all carrying firearms," said Sgt. Ryan McNamara.

Police say they also have a description of the suspects' vehicle -- but for a family that wants to sleep soundly, Ben says it'll be tough until the suspects are caught.

The homeowners say iPads and other electronics, along with a purse and other items were taken from them at gunpoint.

No major injuries occurred and no suspects have been taken into custody as of Monday morning.

The robbery comes just two weeks after a woman and her son were also robbed at gunpoint by six armed men on Tulin Park Loop, also in South Anchorage.

Channel 2's Garrett Turner contributed information to this story.

This is a developing story. Watch Channel 2 broadcasts or check for updates.