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AST: Togiak Student Knocked Boy Out, Broke Facial Bones

Published On: Dec 05 2013 10:40:39 AM AKST

Alaska State Troopers say a student at the Togiak School has been arrested, after allegedly knocking out a boy who had to be medevaced for treatment of eye injuries.

According to a Tuesday AST dispatch, troopers were informed Monday that 18-year-old Jaron Wassillie had allegedly attacked a 16-year-old boy.

A criminal complaint, written by Trooper John Williamson, says Wassillie approached the boy in a bathroom at the school. The assault allegedly began when Wassillie claimed the boy had made “derogatory statements” about him around town, which the victim denied.

“(The victim) said that he attempted to leave, but as he was trying to get away Jaron Wassillie struck him hard in the face with his fist,” Williamson wrote. “(The victim) stated that he remembers falling down and then he didn't remember anything until he woke on the bathroom floor with his blood all around.”

When the boy woke up, he told school officials about the assault, saying he didn’t retaliate because he wanted to play basketball and needed to stay out of trouble.

According to the complaint, the boy was initially treated at the Togiak clinic, but later taken to the Kanakanak Hospital in Dillingham for further work. Williamson says the victim’s injuries, including “intensive swelling next to the left eye and bleeding from the eye socket,” impaired the function of his eye; he was diagnosed with a concussion, as well as several broken facial bones requiring facial reconstruction.

“I sought for any signs of injuries on (the victim) that would be consistent with him causing injury to another person and found none,” Williamson wrote.

According to Williamson, Wassillie’s take on what happened didn't contradict what he'd learned so far.

“Jaron Wassillie was provided a Miranda warning and interviewed by VPSO (Michael) Myers,” Williamson wrote. “During the course of that interview Jaron Wassillie stated that he hit (the victim) twice and did not describe a mutual fight.”

According to the AST dispatch, Wassillie was arrested Tuesday on one count of second-degree assault.

Editor’s note: The victim’s name has been omitted from this story because he is a juvenile.