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Baby Remains Stolen from Parked Van at ANMC

By Abby Hancock, Reporter (Social Issues, Youth Issues, and 2 Your Health),
Published On: Nov 24 2013 03:19:28 PM AKST

A Southeast couple says something precious was stolen from them.

On Friday, Shawna Coby had a doctor’s appointment at the Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage along with her husband.

The couple, who live in Kake, say when they returned to their van, someone had allegedly busted their passenger window and stole a black backpack.

The backpack was not very valuable, however what was inside the bag was priceless. There was a small box containing the ashes of their stillborn baby daughter, who they named Grace.

The couple says they filed a police report, but are asking whoever took the bag that the ashes be returned.

“Whoever had taken the bag out of her van or if it’s found anywhere, they would love to have it returned to them,” said Kimberly Moler, victim’s sister. “It means a lot to them; My family has been emotional about it because it means everything to my sister and her husband.”

The family says whoever stole the bag didn't take anything else not even the several Christmas presents that were inside the van.

They say the box containing the ashes can be anonymously dropped off at the ANMC information counter.