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Despite Submitted Signatures, Recall Lindsey Holmes Supporters Face More Work

Published On: Nov 06 2013 04:22:00 PM AKST
Recall Lindsey Holmes Supporters

The signatures are in, but organizers of Recall Lindsey Holmes say the work is far from over. At least 808 of the 1102 signatures must first be verified by the Division of Elections.

Organizer Wigi Tozzi says he is confident that will happen and afterwards.

"(The Division of Elections will) give us petition booklets,” Tozzi said. “We then have to canvas again and gather 2,020 signatures – 25 percent of the people that voted."

The reason Tozzi and others are working so hard to remove House Representative Lindsey Holmes from office is because of her party affiliation.

Holmes campaigned in 2012 as a Democrat and won the seat for District 19. Then, before being sworn in she switched to the house majority. 

Holmes declined an interview, stating via email her day was "pretty jam-packed with meetings," but she included a written statement.

“The recall movement is exercising its rights,” Holmes wrote. “My positions on the issues remain the same as they did last November and I am focused on continuing to work on matters important to my district and to Alaska.”  

Those who want to see Holmes recalled say she is not representing them as they had hoped. 

"She tried to tell us it wouldn't change her voting pattern or history but I think in looking back over the year it has," said Laura Strand, a Recall Lindsey Holmes supporter . "So I don't think she's represented me in the way that I had wanted her to or that she had alluded to in the beginning."