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Draft Opinion: Lawmakers Can Tout Position on Ballot Measure 1

Published On: Aug 04 2014 11:23:36 AM AKDT
Repeal Campaign for Oil Tax Bill Officially Underway

A draft advisory opinion finds that lawmakers are allowed to use to state resources, like their legislative websites, to make known their positions on the upcoming oil tax referendum.

The draft opinion from staff for the Alaska Public Offices Commission points to a legislative ethics committee decision that found that action to support or oppose an initiative was related to the duties of lawmakers. The ethics committee noted that lawmakers often are asked to take a stand on public issues.

The draft opinion, however, found that activities that involved state resources should be reported and that communications should include a "paid for" tag.

If the commission adopts the draft opinion, staff recommends the reporting and identifying requirements apply to future activities.

A commission meeting is scheduled for Thursday.