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Fairview Community Fed Up With Inebriates

Published On: Jan 16 2014 10:00:00 PM AKST   Updated On: Jan 16 2014 11:02:40 PM AKST

Residents and business owners in Fairview say it’s been a problem for decades: chronic inebriates flooding their streets and damaging property. Now the Fairview Community Council wants to hold vendors responsible for supplying the booze that perpetuates the problem.

"When somebody who doesn't live in Fairview drives through our neighborhood, the first thing that comes to their mind is the corner of 13th and Gamble," Fairview Community Council's President S.J. Klein said.

It's that street corner, Klein says, that gets more responses from the Anchorage Police Department than any other part of the city. On Thursday night, at the Fairview Community Council’s meeting, Anchorage police pointed to Oaken Keg and Spirits of Alaska, the two liquor stores in the area.

“What we observed was people are intoxicated going from the liquor stores," APD Officer Araceli Jones said. "They don't bring it from the outside, so we know those are the two problems, because the alcohol did come from those two liquor stores."

The Fairview Community Council proposed a resolution to "hold package stores in Fairview accountable for their actions,” as well as their inaction. Both Oaken Keg and Spirits of Alaska liquor stores’ representatives declined Channel 2’s requests for interviews, but they were both at the community council meeting discussing the public inebriation issue.

Many at the meeting said there are many factors that go into the public inebriation issue, but the main focus was the responsibility of the liquor stores. Fairview resident Patti Greene knows she doesn't have any kind of sway in the realm of local politics, but she said there is one thing she can do.

"I can't really influence the mayor and his budget," Greene said. "I can't really influence APD's staffing. My role in this is, as a member, is to review the package liquor licenses when they come up for renewal."