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Isaacson Says He'd Like to Repeal 17th Amendment

Published On: Feb 12 2014 01:07:20 PM AKST
Isaacson Says He'd Like to Repeal 17th Amendment
JUNEAU, Alaska -

A North Pole legislator says he'd like to repeal the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which allows the people of a given state to elect their U.S. senators.

Rep. Doug Isaacson made the comment during discussion on a proposed amendment to Alaska's constitution that would make the attorney general an elected post rather than an appointed one.

Isaacson said he has great confidence in the people. But he says we sometimes make mistakes as voters and correct those later on.

He said he could see someone be elected attorney general who comes across well but delivers poorly.

He said states lost their powers to control congressional and federal overreach when the power for state legislatures to send people to the Senate was lost with passage of the 17th Amendment.