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Kotlik Surveys Damage, Braces for More Flooding

Published On: Nov 12 2013 08:31:08 AM AKST

Wave upon wave of ice pushed inland by a winter storm have caused widespread damage in Western Alaska coastal communities, including Kotlik.

“We're in pretty bad shape here,” said Kotlik resident Joe Uisok. His village, like many others, was hit with high winds and flooding following a weekend winter storm.

In Kotlik flood waters carried large chunks of ice into houses, ripping sewage and water lines away. Sara Prince, also from Kotlik, says the flooding this weekend was the worst she’s seen.

“I'm assuming the water came up about five feet," Prince said. "I'm 4 feet 10, so it passed me and we couldn't even walk around outside anymore our house."

The National Weather Service's Anchorage forcast office says another storm is headed for Alaska. Meteorologist Michael Kutz says this means there will be little reprieve for towns on the state's western coast.

“Barely a brief break at all -- things will start coming back in more gusty winds, more winter-type weather. more coastal flooding warning,” said Kutz.

With barely time enough to survey the damage, small communities like Kotlik are doing what they can to weather the coming storms.