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KTUU Offers GCI Free Carriage of Winter Olympics in Rural Alaska

Published On: Jan 31 2014 08:24:14 PM AKST
GCI Plans to Purchase 3 Southeast Alaska CBS Affiliates

The management of KTUU Channel 2 made an offer to GCI for free carriage to rural GCI subscribers during the Olympic Winter Games next month so the games could be seen across the state.

GCI dropped KTUU in rural Alaska after contract negotiations fell through late last year.

The offer also extends Olympics coverage to southeast Alaska, where Channel 2 News was removed from distribution on NBC affiliates KATH and KSCT in Juneau and Sitka, respectively, after GCI purchased the stations.

In response to the Friday offer, GCI spokesman David Morris said the Olympics could be carried to rural Alaska if KTUU’s owners agreed to terms they discussed last year.

"The Olympics could be carried to rural Alaska if the owners of KTUU agreed to the terms that they signed in November," Morris said.

KTUU marketing director Brad Hillwig said that the November agreement was not the "final" deal, which was set to be signed two weeks later.

GCI maintains the company made an offer to narrow the impasse of negotiations earlier this week and hasn't heard back from KTUU. Morris said GCI is ready “day or night” to discuss the issues.