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LAX Shooting Prompts Ticket Waivers for Delayed Anchorage Passengers

Published On: Nov 01 2013 05:18:17 PM AKDT   Updated On: Nov 01 2013 05:19:54 PM AKDT

A deadly shooting at LAX on Friday has prompted some airlines to offer waivers for delayed passengers en route to Anchorage.

A 23-year-old man from Los Angeles shot and killed a worker with the TSA and injured others at the LA International Airport on Friday morning, according to reports from the Associated Press.

“Multiple Transportation Security Officers (TSOs) were shot, one fatally,” said Lorie Dankers, TSA spokesperson. “Additional details will be addressed by the FBI and local law enforcement who are investigating the shooting.”

Several Anchorage bound flights were canceled, including a Delta flight after a three-hour delay and an Alaska Airlines flight put on hold canceled this afternoon. Road closures also affected passengers and crews from reaching LAX.

Both airlines have issued ticket waivers for affected travelers. Passengers have been urged to check their flights status before going to the airport.

The shooting occurred just before a large bank of flights arrived from Sydney, Tokyo, Beijing and other cities across the Pacific Ocean, according to the AP.