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Moose Fence Going Up Along Minnesota Drive

Published On: Jan 02 2014 06:57:45 PM AKST

By Reporter Mallory Peebles and Photojournalist Shawn Wilson.  (KTUU-TV)


You may be seeing fewer moose on your commute along Minnesota Drive after federal funds provided $1.1 Million to help create miles of moose fence along the road. 

The moose fence will span from International Airport Road to east of C Street, along both sides of Minnesota Drive. The National Highway Safety Improvement Program is paying for the fence.

"That corridor through Minnesota Drive is ranked number one in the Anchorage bowl area for the number of moose vehicle crashes, and it's in the top four in our region," said DOT project manager Bob Anderson.

State-hired contractors are clearing brush and trees to make room for the ten-foot high fence. The fence will have a two-foot gap at the bottom to allow smaller animals to pass through. There will be 24 moose gates in the shape of a capital T. The T shape allows bull moose with antlers that end up on the roadway to pass through the fence. 

"We're going to minimize the clearing and tree cutting and just do enough where we can get in and install the fence," said Anderson. "So we're not clearing all the right away."

By next week Anderson says the fence could be installed. Despite the snow and frozen ground, crews will drive the poles into the ground and put up about 700 feet of fence a day. The project is expected to be complete by May.