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Mountain Village Shocked By Plane Crash

Published On: Nov 30 2013 10:00:00 PM AKST

(KTUU-TV, 12-30-13)


On Friday night, four lives were lost in a plane crash about four miles southeast of St. Mary’s airport and community members say the experience was shocking.

Brenda Brown is the City Manager of Mountain Village, where all of the passengers, including six survivors, lived in.

"In any emergency situations, we come together," Brown said. "We set aside all our differences; this is where we unite."

People from St. Mary’s and Mountain Village headed out as soon as they heard the news of the Cessna 208 caravan going down, according to Brown.

"I was quite amazed how in such short notice we came together quick and responded quick," Brown said, who was also one of the first responders.

Search and rescue teams were staged on the Yukon River and on the road between St. Mary's and Mountain Village. Once they reached the wreckage, survivors were brought to a clinic in St. Mary's.

“We didn't waste any time; we got all the stuff we needed,” Brown said.

The survivors were then taken to Anchorage hospitals for treatment. Among the survivors is 30-year-old Garrett Moses. His girlfriend, Tamaree Sheppard, says she's mourning for the plane crash victims, but is grateful Moses is alive.

"We could have lost him," Sheppard said. "Me and my kids and the rest of his family could have lost him, and we're all thankful we still have him here."