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Premera Offering Coverage to Customers Expecting Cancellation

Published On: Nov 26 2013 09:22:52 PM AKST

If you like your plan you can keep it. that might be the case after all for many alaskans who previously were told their plans would be canceled. Premera blue cross says it will take up president obama's on his invitation to extend plans by one year.


A number of Alaskans may have expected their health insurance plans to expire at the end of the year, but due to issues with Obamacare, other options will be available.

Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield says nearly 5,400 people will receive letters notifying of their options. 

"If they want to extend [coverage] they don't have to do anything," said Melanie Coon, spokesperson with Premera Blue Cross.  

According to Coon, people who have not already canceled their plan will automatically be enrolled for next year. If someone has canceled or even applied for a different insurance plan through a different company, then they can still opt out and rejoin with Premera. 

This is possible following an apology by President Obama, following news that policies were being canceled despite his assurance that they would not be. Now, policies that do not meet the Affordable Care Act regulations will be allowed for one more year. 

Premera Blue Cross says policy holders will not see a rate increase unless they changed age bracket. 

"They're used to that, that's nothing new; their rates will stay the same through 2014 if they extend on their old plan," said Coon. 

The State of Alaska Division of Insurance has to sign off on any insurance policies offered to Alaskans and is working with Premera and other companies to ensure everything follows the law. 

"We're working with them to expedite that process so that the filing can get approved and that they will have plans available," said Bret Kolb, Director with Division of Insurance.

Premera plans to send out letters to its customers the first week of December.