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Second Time's a Charm for State Gun, Senator Hopes

Published On: Feb 14 2014 09:18:40 PM AKST



Sen. Charlie Huggins (R-Greater Wasilla/Big Lake/Point McKenzie) is taking another shot at designating an official state firearm.
SB175 would make the pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 bolt-action rifle in a number of different calibers the official state bolt-action rifle.
The bill says that to be an Alaskan between 1930 and 1963 meant carrying the "rifleman's rifle," the Winchester pre-1964 Model 70. It says the rifle helped Alaskans "establish a firm foothold in the untamed and often wild Alaska wilderness."
The bill is somewhat different from one introduced by Huggins in 2011 and later withdrawn.
That earlier proposal would have made the pre-1964 Winchester Model 70 .30-06 caliber rifle the official state firearm.