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Smart Phones Are Not Always the Smart Choice for Kids

Published On: Nov 23 2013 06:04:00 PM AKST

Prevent cyber crimes by watching your children.


If there's anyone who knows how to expose the secrets of cyber criminals in Alaska, then it's Glen Klinkhart.

The former detective with the Anchorage Police Department helped start the Cyber Crimes Unit more than 15 years ago. But even with advances in tracking cyber criminals, cases are not solved overnight.

"A typical case starts with being online, having someone trading child port with you, but you still don't know who it is, but that's all you have,” said Klinkhart.  “You still need to get a search warrant."

That’s just the beginning; investigators still have to track down an IP address linking the computer to the suspect before building a solid case.

It took three months for some of Klinkhart's successors at APD to gather enough evidence against a man arrested on multiple child porn charges in Anchorage on November 13th.

Authorities charged Kevin Callander with 13 felony counts related to child pornography and abuse of minors.  Detectives say they found several videos of nude children on computers and tablets seized from his home.

“It's been my experience as a detective that when you find child porn being collected by someone, if they haven't hurt a child, they're going to,” said Klinkhart.

 That's why Klinkhart says it's critical that parents tackle taboo subjects like the difference between inappropriate and appropriate touching.  Setting boundaries is important even if it means friending their child's online friends.

"Be very mindful of what your kids are doing on line, be protective of them; check their iPhones,” said Mark Thomas, APD Cyber Crimes Detective who is working the Callander case.

Limiting your child’s cell phone data plan is a start, but it also comes down to setting limits.

“You wouldn't give your 10-year-old a Ferrari and a full tank of gas and the keys, and say go!,” said Klinkhart.  “But you give them an unlimited phone that has texting, data and internet."