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Sochi 2014: Accommodations Won't Medal, But They'll Do

Published On: Feb 10 2014 11:05:00 PM AKST

Blake Essig live form Sochi reports on the housing conditions during the games.

SOCHI, Russia -

For those that love excess, glamor and first-class accommodations, Sochi might not be the place for you.

In a games where some are reporting no electricity, no plumbing, and even no door handles, Alaskan curler Jessica Schultz said she was just happy to have a comfortable twin-sized bed.

"We are pleasantly surprised walking into the athletes village. having running water, door knobs and light bulbs that all work," she said Tuesday.

The housing at the three athlete villages is built for function rather than style.

“Our rooms in the village are pretty simple,” Schultz said. “We have our twin beds, our dresser and our clothes drying rack."

When it comes to housing more than 6,000 athletes from around the world, offering a room with twice the size of normal living space was at the top of the list.

“We think that's a huge advantage to athletes,” on Olympic official said. “We've seen how much gear they bring with them, and how much gear they acquire once they arrive. So, having the additional space is a great luxury for them and the officials that manage them”

While sharing a room might sound like a drag, it's a luxury that Olympians aren't accustomed to.

"In Italy we were five people to a room with two bathrooms,” Schultz said. “Whereas now I'm sharing a room with … one other person and instead of being in bunk beds we have our separate single beds."

A pleasant surprise for athletes who came in expecting the worst, as they can now rest easy in their pursuit to be the best.