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Students Learn Lessons From Government Shutdown

Published On: Dec 24 2013 07:28:02 AM AKST   Updated On: Oct 15 2013 12:00:00 AM AKDT

At Eagle River High School, the partial government shutdown has taken center stage in Kathy Campbell's Advanced Placement government class.

On Tuesday, the government shutdown entered week two with the deadline to raise the debt limit looming. The students are examining the actions of lawmakers and trying to understand why elected officials are struggling to find a solution.

"They can't prioritize what payments they get back, so they can't prioritize China over some guy in Pittsburgh," said senior Taylor Holshouser, who thinks the gridlock in Washington can have more than just financial implications.

Holshouser says, “you look at 1933 in Germany, the default on the German debt really is what led Hitler to power." 

For some students, the shutdown is hitting home with their parents being furloughed or some government program shutdown hurting pocketbooks.

Shannon Jones has seen the shutdown's effect first hand. 

She's frustrated that people, like her dad who just retired from the military, are being affected because of a lack of cooperation from lawmakers.  

"Compromise is always what made this country so great and if you don't know how to do that when our guys are compromising their home lives, so they can go save your butts is not good,” said Jones.

As the stalemate continues, the students are not holding back their feelings.

"How is that any way acceptable, you have to look at the leaders, I think the American people need to say you need to get your act together and start working," said Holshouser.

Because at least today's lesson is teaching them, that history is in danger of repeating itself.