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Suspect in Two South Anchorage Robberies Sentenced

Published On: Jul 12 2014 01:23:22 PM AKDT

The man convicted of robbing two south Anchorage banks earlier this year has been sentenced.

Cameron Patrick Fergerson, 25, was sentence Thursday by United States District Court Judge Sharon L. Gleason. The sentencing follows the conviction of two counts of bank robbery after Anchorage FBI agents and police were able to identify and locate him following two robberies in South Anchorage.

Fergerson approached a bank teller at the Credit Union 1 on Abbot Rd. on February 25, and presented a note demanding money. According to witnesses, Fergerson snatched $1,600 and ran away as the teller was counting the money. Fergerson entered the Dimond blvd. Alaska USA bank on March 1, again presenting a note demanding money. Investigators say he was handed $2,078 by a teller, which he then stuffed in his pockets, fleeing the bank.

“In two successful bank robberies, the suspect wrote a note demanding money, and handed it to the teller,” said FBI Special Agent Benjamin Hallowell. “At another bank, the defendant had a piece of paper and a pencil in hand when bank employees addressed him. In all three instances, the suspect entered the lobby of the bank, milled around the lobby, looked around the lobby, and waited in line for the cashier.”

Police released the two banks’ security footage images of the suspect, and were able to identify Fergerson after an extensive campaign on social media sites. A friend of Fergerson’s also reported purchases made by him the same day of the robbery, despite Fergerson’s lack of income.

Fergerson was served a search warrant for receipts of the purchases, and was arrested on March 10. Fergerson initially entered the plea of not guilty, but changed his plea to guilty on two counts of bank robbery.  

Fergerson has a long history of theft, which was noted by Judge Gleason during her sentencing. Judge Gleason sentenced Fergerson to 60 months imprisonment with a three year supervised release, despite prosecution petitioning for 77 months imprisonment along with the three year supervised release.