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The Science of Happy, New Product Claims Brighter Days

Published On: Jan 09 2014 03:38:15 PM AKST

There could be a new option to brightening moods during winters darkest days.  

Anchorage -

From sad lights to consuming more vitamin D, for years northern regions have turned to these options to brighten up moods during winter’s darkest days. But now there could be a new option, Happy Lenses.

“The idea behind the lens is because of the curvature of the lens, what it’s doing is blocking those harmful or short-wave blue light,” said optometrist, Alyxandria Morey.

Morey said sunlight is composed of both good rays and bad rays; the bad rays are ultraviolet, also known as UV, and short-wave blue lights.

The good rays are long-wave blue light. Morey explains that studies suggest these long-wave blue light rays promote balance in the body, and give a positive uplift in mood and alertness.

“The reason that we need it is that we get it from the sun light and that in itself increase serotonin levels and improves the functionality and overall cognitive functions during the day,” Morey said.

In other words, these cool, slick and stylish shades are meant to block the bad rays and let in just the right amount of good ones.

“The science says that by getting just a little bit of stimulation of this long-wave blue light, that it does reduce that groggy, melatonin that’s making it so that when it’s secreted it’s putting you to sleep,” Morey explains.

Morey says it’s that intensity of light that we get even if it’s for a short period of time. She said that it can be as short as 50 seconds to start feeling the effect of these happy lenses.

When you head indoors there are other options, too.

Craig McCarty with Alaska Lighting and Supply says certain light bulbs can have the same effect as sad lights.

“5650 Kelvin light bulbs are popular for SAD right now,” said McCarty. “Most of our light boxes are in this range and customers are drawn to these colors because it seems brighter and it’s a little bit more pleasing to the eye.”

So whether turning on a light or putting on shades, it’s important to remember that it’s all about seeing better, feeling better and brightening up your day.