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Walmart Shooter Sentenced to 9 Years in Prison

Published On: Mar 29 2014 12:57:30 PM AKDT
Baldr Odinson/Creative Commons

Baldr Odinson/Creative Commons


A man convicted of Assault in the first degree was sentenced Friday to 11 years in prison with two suspended years.

Security cameras at the Walmart on A Street last March recorded 46-year-old Daniel Pirtle as he shot 34-year-old assistant manager Jason Mahi in the stomach, following a request from Mahi that the double-amputee leash his service dog or leave the store. Shortly after, Pirtle attempted to exit the store on his motorized wheelchair, but was stopped near the entrance by off-duty police officers.

Pirtle was taken into custody and questioned, and charged with assault in the first degree and misconduct involving a weapon. He was held on bail for $50,000 until his trial in November 2013, when he pleaded guilty to the charge of first degree assault. The judge issued an order that Pirtle remain in custody until his sentencing.

Mahi underwent surgery, and has since returned to work.